Experimental Course | Spring 2008

4.291/11.4190U 4.237G The Future Professional

"Double Population, Triple Area: All in 30 Years": Third World Urban Challenges Exploding the Future

The doubling of the Third World urban population - with a tripling of the urban footprint by 2030 - has forecast a vision of a frightening urban future. In the next 23 years, the land required for urban growth will equal that used in the past 6,000 years of human history. Moreover, this growth is projected to be predominantly low-rise, and inhabited by a largely poor population. The specter of informal massive squatter fringe settlements of the past has the potential to devastate our cities of the future. Speed and scale are the new challenges.

Lacking are viable proactive approaches for housing the low income population, and predictions for the future are grim if no innovative approaches are developed and implemented. Environmental concerns exacerbate the problem. We must develop powerful creative strategies if we are to avoid an unthinkable future.

This course is a challenge-based, hands-on brainstorming of Third World urban issues, drawing on experts to excite and challenge us through progressive levels of exploration. A culminating workshop abroad brought us back to reality.

The course included a 2-week field survey comparing planning strategies in Singapore - a highly controlled model - with the laissez-faire approach in Bangkok.

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