SIGUS at 2011 International Development Fair

SIGUS  mounted a display at the 2011 International Development Fair at MIT 30  September. Three projects were presented  that are a current focus of SIGUS, and seek participation from students  throughout the Institute.

- An "Off-Grid" Elevator for the bayous of  Louisiana. The project partners with TRAC, an NGO in the bayous outside of New Orleans, in exploring a practical "off-grid" elevator with solar, wind and kinetic  energy sources. The elevators are  attached to the Louisiana "Lift House" design by SIGUS and TRAC, an affordable  raised house option. Seven have been  built, and the design continues to be disseminated.

- Community built  center in Haiti. The development of a  strategy for using rubble in building ‘Inspiring’ community centers, as a way  to ‘jump-start’ the rebuilding process of destroyed neighborhoods.

- Smart Slope  Density Calculator. Development of an  Android based APP that calculates density at various slope angles. It would be used with an innovative steep-slope building concept in earthquake city rebuilding to be tested in  China. he calculator is a part of the  SIGUS-Nanjing University project funded by MIT MISTI.

The recent SIGUS student staff  were captured in almost life-sized cutouts in the display, each holding one of  the three projects. Christopher Malcolm,  Cecilia Ho, and Jonathan Crisman.

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